Natural KAMU - Finland

Natural KAMU - Natural grooming and cleaning

Natural Kamu is made from organic ingredients and they are 100% biodegradable. 

Kamu is made in Finland, the country of thousand lakes and fresh nature. Fresh and lovely scents comes from etherical oils which are gentle for pets nose. Kamu products doesn't have  any parfumes or synthetic fragnances. Washing power is based on natural olive and coconut binders.  

Ingredients include only what is needed to get  the wanted result. Kamu products are as natural as they can be without you picking up and mixing the ingredients yourself.

Did you know, KAMU is Finnish and means a friend or a buddy (komppis for swedish)?

Natural Kamu product family contains:


Good for long and tangling fur. Glossy is suitable also for short and shiny fur.

Cider vinegar makes the fur easy to comb or brus and restores furs natural shine. Etheric eucalyptus is a natural antiseptic and cleansing ingredient.

An efficient remover of odours. Effective ingredients etheric spearmint and tea tree. Spearmint especially for the neutralisation of odours and tea tree is a natural cleanser and antiseptic. Good for short and rough fur.

Good for dry and itchy skin and helps with the dundruff. Etheric lemon, lemongrass and honey soothe the itching skin. Wash the fur preserving the roughness of the coat and bringing out its natural shine. For medium long and mixed (e.g. curly but rough fur).

Soothingly Gentle. Lavender soothes both the skin and the animal. Spruce extract treats and freshens the fur and neutralises odours. Particularly suitable for soft puppy fur or soft fluffy fur.

Spruce extract treats and freshens the fur and neutralises odours. Unscented, but the end result is a natural scent of a clean animal. And what a lovely scent that is! Good for various types of fur. Excellent shampoo for really sensitive animals like cats and horses.


Pearl conditioner restores shine, prevents tangling and nourishes fur and skin. Sunflower oil prevents dandruff and provides nourishment. Elderflower and bergamot orange moisturise and make the fresh scent.



Every pet households must have! Ready to use, suitable for all surfaces in home (except for windows / glass) or car. KAMU cleaning spray doesn't have anything poisonous or dangerous ingredients for your pet. Just spray and wipe, no rinsing needed. Eukalyptus and lemon give off a lovely fresh scent and the spray cleans grease, mud and substances that are common in pet households. Efficient, safe and ekological.


Also must have as the Fresh cleaning spray but with out the scent. Make your home clean and spotless without any scent. Puppy time is messy time. With KAMU you can clean the accidents while puppies are in the same room with their curious noses. 


Fresh and Unscented. Pets textiles need to be washed every once in the while. Coats, beds, toys that are carried in the mouth and various textiles is good to wash with detergent that doesn't have any chemical residues after words. KAMU washes your pets textiles gently and with the safe way. It leaves your textiles clean and fresh but the scent coming from etheric oils fades away the textile dries. We think that your pet will appreciate to get their coats back without the big smell of normal laundry detergents.

KAMU laundry detergent is suitable for machine- or hand wash.


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